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Advantages of Computer Multifunctional Quilting Machines

08-04 https://www.yuantian.com/

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, people's needs will also change. In order to meet people's different needs, many equipment have been updated and upgraded, and the types of sewing equipment have also become diverse under this trend. The level of improvement is also increasing, and it is more convenient and practical to use, which has made great progress compared with the previous sewing machine equipment. It is in this case that the computer multifunctional quilting machines was born.

Computer multi-function sewing machines can gain a place in the industry, and naturally have extraordinary advantages that other equipment cannot match. This equipment is operated by a computer. The computerized sewing machine can automatically complete the set sewing work, such as automatic seam, automatic adjustment of sewing thread tension of thick and thin sewing material, automatic speed change, automatic torque change, automatic thread trimming, automatic compensation Needles and so on. The computerized sewing machine uses computer anatomy, from the structure of the casing to the small parts of each part, the optimal design is realized. Therefore, it can minimize noise and vibration in daily work. In addition, the computerized sewing machine achieves the best balance in the design of the machine head. The upper and lower shafts are driven by synchronous toothed belts, which greatly reduces noise and realizes low vibration and low noise work. Due to the electronic or computer control system, after the computerized sewing machine reaches the maximum speed, the sewing stability is better, especially the seamability, including good stitches, softness, and stability.

One computerized sewing machine can complete the work that several mechanical sewing machines can do. For example, an industrial zigzag sewing machine, generally a mechanical zigzag sewing machine can only sew one pattern, while a computer zigzag sewing machine can sew 20 or more patterns. In addition, because the computer-controlled sewing machine increases the adjustment range of the feed dog, it can sew more different types of fabrics. And adjust the most suitable differential amount according to various fabrics. When performing front and rear feeding, even if the stitch length is changed, the differential ratio will not change.

The last point is that, usually in the development process of mechatronics sewing machines, designers have emphasized the cleanness and pollution-free sewing of the machine. Through the design of the sewing machine head, the needle bar, thread take-up lever and rotary hook are not used. Machine oil for clean sewing.

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