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BCQ Blockchain Lab Global Synchronized Launch Phase 2.0


Recently, the BCQ Blockchain Lab, which has been attracting much attention, has officially launched the 1.0 trial operation phase overseas and will launch the 2.0 phase globally at the end of the month. A "windfall" of transaction changes driven by BCQ Blockchain Lab is forming.

BCQCOIN SYETEM is an intelligent investment platform based on blockchain technology built by TweetDeck, a famous British Internet software development company, which uses simulated human brain neural network to generate artificial intelligence and enhance deep learning through human-computer interaction and stimulating user potential to create an ecosystem.

With the rapid development and popularity of Bitcoin in recent years, the research and application of blockchain technology has also shown an explosive growth, which is considered to be the fifth disruptive innovation of computing paradigm after mainframe, personal computer, Internet, mobile and social network, and has attracted the high attention and wide concern of government departments, financial institutions, technology enterprises and capital markets.

Blockchain is an emerging technology paradigm, a distributed ledger with no intermediary, peer-to-peer, open and transparent information that cannot be tampered with, which can fundamentally enhance banking, supply chain and other transaction networks in reducing costs and risks associated with business operations, while also creating new opportunities for innovation and growth. Artificial intelligence is the third great leap in intelligence in human history, which will accelerate the social process of promoting human civilization, and since 2015 artificial intelligence technology began to develop at a rapid pace, artificial intelligence in finance, education, healthcare, food and other fields to simulate human cognition to create business value, the curtain of the era of artificial intelligence has opened.

It is understood that BCQCOIN SYETEM is currently open to overseas communities for liquidity mining + physical applications, and BIGCoin is an intelligent trading platform based on blockchain technology for peer-to-peer decentralized digital currency transaction exchange, dedicated to providing a safe, efficient and fast digital currency transaction exchange platform for global blockchain participants.

The person in charge of BCQ said, BCQCOIN SYETEM will officially launch blockchain 2.0 phase at the end of the month, and simultaneously in the global market. BCQ will have a more obvious value of investment when it enters 2.0 phase; with the operation of the internal mechanism of the platform, and the role of DEFI + food application extension, it will be conducive to the price of BCQ in the international market and value enhancement.

BCQCoin will dock with major food platforms, link more inexpensive and high-quality brand merchants, and realize users to solve their daily needs through BCQ, thus creating diversified shopping and consumption value.

BCQCOIN SYETEM uses resource integration and big data to deeply involve the food industry and residents' daily consumption, allowing users in the BCQCoin system to connect all the needs of life and production through the investment and finance platform as the core, thus making BCQ more valuable and circulating, realizing the perfect combination of virtual and reality, and truly establishing an ecosphere.

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