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BUMI reshapes the artistic value and enlivens the wealth value of NFT industry


Among the recent hot spots in the encryption asset industry, NFT track is particularly eye-catching. Many creative and applied ecology have attracted the attention of many capitals. A digital artwork created by artist Mike Winkelmann was sold at Christie's auction house in London at a price of more than US $69 million, which proves that NFT industry has the potential to set off a real wave in the encryption asset market.

Bumi financial services platform officially launched the first application concept token under the tide of this era. The whole ecology selects valuable works of art for auction based on Bumi community votes, and enables ecological builders to obtain NFT value rewards, so as to support other communities in the whole platform that have reached a consensus on such NFT to unite.

Bumi financial service platform will launch an innovation on art and blockchain. With the launch of the project token NFT, there is no doubt that with its strong underlying technology support, Bumi will start a new journey. It will give artists and works of art a new era value, let the creation and ownership of art return to the public, and complete the mission of art and encrypted assets.

Bumi chose to launch NFT at this moment, but also saw the huge value of NFT. Through NFT, Bumi re endows the connotation and value of art to the community holding NFT token by reshaping the art ecological market, so that art can truly bring value to the consensus.

Bumi will soon launch pancakeswap, umiex and other well-known exchanges in the industry, and the first NFT artwork will be launched in September to permanently destroy Bumi. NFT, as the governance token of Bumi, is completely proposed, led and grown by the community. It will carry out decentralized industrial circulation through the chain. The community will use NFT to vote on ecological development and implement it in accordance with the principle of the minority being subordinate to the majority. It will closely connect with the existing high-quality NFT projects and interact with each other.

The leading distribution mechanism of Bumi will also be the core foundation for the healthy operation of the whole platform. Among them, the total supply is 1000 trillion yuan, 99.99% of which are permanently destroyed, and only 100 billion yuan remains. Through the use of destruction, buy back and cash dividend mechanism (such as: 20% sales tax, 10% permanent destruction, 6% fund pool, 4% for cash reward)

In the sustainable development of ecology, Bumi will set up NFT art auction and trading center to reshape art value display, permanently lock Bumi for destruction, launch 3-5 NFT artworks successively in December, and derive global NFT technology development, trading, and auction in the ecological expansion of service platform.

In the future, based on the NFT business, Bumi will open the "key" to confirm the rights in the digital world, expand to the fields of digital entertainment and NFT of value entities, and promote the application of Bumi financial service platform in a wider range.

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