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Emergence of HDAO – The Much-Anticipated IDO Platform


The development of science and technology has promoted the progress of the modern world, and the financial industry is an important measure of the extent of social development which will constantly evolve with the input of new technology, such as blockchain. Blockchain technology can bring new forms of financing methods to the market, and also change business processes to reduce operational complexity and transaction costs.

With the emergence of new financing models, a new generation of financing methods based on blockchain technology has been launched globally. Amongst them, one of the most highly anticipated launch is HDAO, an IDO platform that not only fulfils immediate market needs, but one that has also created a digital financial ecosystem where users can easily invest and participate in.

What are the advantages of IDO?

First of all, let us understand what IDO is. IDO refers to “Initial Dex Offering”. Why is this financing method gaining popularity and what are its advantages? Compared with ICO that everyone is familiar with in 2017, and IEO in 2019, IDO directly issue tokens to individual investors or traders in a decentralized manner. With IDO,  there is much lower cost of listing since IDO often lists on liquidity exchange where projects only need to pay a small gas fee for deploying a smart contract on the exchange.

In addition, for IEOs, project teams will need to cooperate with a centralized exchange to be able to hold an IEO, where many terms must first be established with the exchange, and there is no autonomy in the number of tokens issued, nor on the price of tokens. In comparison, the IDO fundraising model is open and fair where everyone gets the same access to purchasing tokens in liquidity exchanges. Tokens also get instant liquidity with liquidity pools and price of coins move fairly with the bonding curve model. Everyone can try to acquire tokens at the earliest and sell the coin as the price move upwards.

Therefore, even though IDO is similar to IEO, it is better for projects to choose IDO over IEO in many ways. Many projects have begun to use IDO to raise funds, the most well-known examples being the Raven and MahaDAO protocols.

In consideration of the factors listed above, HDAO, one of the leading projects in the market, has officially launched its IDO platform! As a well-known decentralized trading platform, the HDAO platform will work to provide users with a convenient and efficient integrated investment ecosystem. Leading a new revolution for digital investments and financial management in 2021, HDAO's IDO platform will accelerate the growth and development of the digital economy and provide users with the access to explore new opportunities and accelerate their returns.

The HDAO Platform

As a one-stop crowdfunding platform, HDAO is committed to providing investors and entrepreneurs with transparent, safe, comprehensive and fair financial services. The main function of the platform will be to connect investors with high-quality projects and provide a fair access to investment opportunities.

Users’ trust is the key for HDAO to maintain its competitive advantage, so its IDO platform will entrust key decisions to the community to decide on factors such as coin listing, crowdfunding amount, lock-up period, etc. through voting. Governance will be handed to HDAO user and community interests will be the top priority for HDAO.

In the decentralized financial world, there are always opportunities and innovations. HDAO will seize the current momentum and explore all areas of possible growth through the launch of its IDO platform.

To celebrate the launch, HDAO’s IDO platform will be holding a series of exclusive staking events for users. Users can participate in HDAO’s staking activities on the platform and enjoy up to 48% APY! The event will last for two weeks, from July 28, 2021 to August 11, 2021, to encourage users to participate on the platform and benefit from the highly attractive APY.

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