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Explore Axie Infinity on Fish.Pro!


Axie Infinity,a game for players to earn digital currency through in-game battling,digital pets breeding and selling SLP(Smooth Love Potion )prop sale,is the current dark horse broke out in blockchain world.Thanks to the adorable appearance and colorful traits such as egg incubation of its pets,the blockchain version of Pokémon attracts a sea of ardent fans around the world.

The sluggish crypto market exerts no adverse impact on electronic video games which has developed by leaps and bounds in recent years.Chinese giant Tencent group has been supported by its game industry.Games impress and attract people by its fun.However,there remains limitation:Numerous“Ghost IDs”are left after users abandon a certain game,a move that may put all efforts in the game in vain.

Then how will NFT boost the electronic video game industry?Through NFT,players can garner the real ownership and control things that can be purchased,earned and produced in the game.In this way,obstacles of limited edition in the game will not limited to the game itself but become the real“scarcity”in the life. These props can be traded on the secondary market as well and players can transfer among various games,allowing players to keep the initial value of their investment.To strike an example of Axie Infinity,the eggs incubating in the games will no longer be single entertaining progress but scarce matters with real value and clear ownership.

Axie Infinity writes in its white paper: “We believe that mainstream adoption of blockchain technology will come through simple, beautiful, decentralized applications (DAPPS). Armed with this belief, we built Axie Infinity in order to popularize blockchain and demonstrate its usefulness through a beautiful, social, and captivating game. While other Ethereum games have done well, most players have been frustrated by the lack of true playability and sense of progress. We’ve designed Axie Infinity to be the first game that allows players to truly engage with their digital collectibles.”

As a decentralized traffic platform,Fish.pro has put the game as one of its major crypto derivatives.Fish.Pro has received reports from International media such as Bitcoinst,YahooFinance,Newsbtc,Coinspeaker,Futurenews,Benzinga since its launch.The team has paid close attention on the great potential of blockchain-based games and will continue to explore novel opportunities for digital asset investment , bridge traditional and crypto economy, remove transaction barriers, improve transaction efficiency and offer secure and reliable value-based network services to professional traders in over 170+ countries, helping the digital world to empower the real economy.

The official listing of AXS and SLP on Fish.Pro this time is committed to providing an outstanding experience for both players and blockchain-based game onlookers.Fish.Pro creates a perfect platform for NFT game tokens and is bound to attract more users and blockchain explorers.The future of blockchain-based games is around the corner.

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