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Focus on iyun: Exploring a new mode of scientific breeding in the maternal and infant industry.


At the beginning of entering the Chinese market in 2013, IYUN took "localization" as the company's most important development strategy in China, which is different from other overseas brands. At present, IYUN has not only set up factories in China, but also continuously localized its management team, and has been committed to public welfare undertakings to give back to Chinese society and local consumers.

Xiao Yuping, GM of IYUN

In recent years, with the improvement of consumer purchasing power, the full liberalization of the three-child policy, and the rapid development of mobile Internet, the maternal and child market is about to usher in a new round of opportunities, at the same time, the competition will become increasingly fierce.

As a high-end brand focusing on the maternal and infant market, IYUN has been ranked first in the sales of T-mall high-end pregnant women's pillows and JD high-end pregnant women's pillows for three consecutive years through its own strength, and has become a brand of pregnant women's pillows in the core business circle of first tier cities, adjacent to Hermès, CHANEL, Dior, etc.

Make high quality products

Mrs. Xiao Yuping, the founder of IYUN, said: "I love myself. I love my child more. I want to give the best to my child. This should be the voice of every mother. When I experienced a hard but extremely happy pregnancy and ushered in a healthy and lovely baby daughter, I also deeply realized the needs of pregnant mothers. Like all mothers, I hope to provide comfortable products for children and myself. "

At the beginning of this year, IYUN appeared in the public field of vision with a new concept of "scientific breeding, living for love", which also indicates that this brand will bring new surprises in the maternal and infant industry.

In particular, this pillow specially designed for pregnant women can support body through U-shaped pillow (patented technology), and ease the sleep discomfort caused by pregnancy. Pregnant women from pregnancy, the body will slowly change, sleep quality will decline. Especially in the third trimester, the doctor will advise the pregnant woman to keep a side sleeping position to reduce the pressure of the uterus on the aorta and vein.

Science born for love

IYUN regards the use experience of products as the most important basis for R & D and improvement, which is why IYUN takes science, safety, comfort and convenience as its main considerations. In addition, IYUN takes Oeko-tex standard and international Intertek dual certification as important raw material assessment points. Only the raw material suppliers meeting the two certifications can enter the alternative list of IYUN.

Global supply of high quality raw materials

In addition, in order to bring better products to mothers and children, iyun has entered into the global raw material supply chain and has established good raw material supply relations with Japan, the United States, Sweden, Egypt, the United Kingdom and other countries to ensure stable and high-quality raw materials.

Iyun has always insisted on producing high-quality products because it is the link between the brand and customers to establish a good faith and friendly relationship. This year is the ninth year to enter the Chinese market. Iyun has witnessed and participated in the beginning and development of the domestic maternal and infant industry, and has joined hands with the benign development of the industry, never forgetting the original intention, and has been committed to meeting the different needs of consumers from beginning to end. In the future, we will see what surprises iyun will bring to the industry and consumers.

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