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Natural landscape marble


Natural landscape marble is available in fine grain, large grain and pure white, polished to a fine finish, with a natural flowing texture and a high decorative quality, mainly measuring 1600mm x 2200mm. Each one is a gift from nature, unique and unattainable, surrounded by mountains and water, hiding wind and gathering qi. Landscape painting is usually a whole do for the background for decoration, can be with the European Roman pillar to do the back wall; can also be with mahogany, do Chinese style. Landscape painting marble can also transmit light (also known as: natural jade landscape painting), playing light on the back, the transmission out of the peaks drifting undulating, imagery, let people breathe awe. It can be decorated in the entrance hall, aisle, TV backdrop, sofa backdrop, dining room and bedroom.

Firstly, it is physically stable, densely organised, with no burrs on the surface when the grains fall off upon impact, and does not affect its flatness and precision; it is a stable material that can guarantee long-term non-deformation, with a small coefficient of linear expansion, high mechanical precision, anti-rust, anti-magnetic and insulating.
Secondly, the material is fine and uniform, with a wide range of crystalline grain sizes and colours, as well as a wide range of textural patterns, including landscapes, clouds, patterns (threads, willow leaves, statues, paleontology, etc.), snowflakes, etc. Marble has a soft, beautiful and dignified texture, elegant style and a wide range of colours, and can be processed in various ways, making it an ideal material for decorating luxury buildings and a traditional material for artistic carving.
Thirdly, the resources are widely distributed and can be easily mined and industrially processed on a large scale.
Fourthly, the texture is softer than granite, which is a medium-hard stone with high compressive strength and good physical and chemical properties. However, the material has a large gap, accompanied by cracks and fractures, and is easy to fracture. The hardness of marble slabs is low, such as in the ground, the polished surface is easy to lose, so as far as possible not to use marble slabs for the ground, and marble is easy to weather, it is best to use as interior decoration.

Chengdu Aohua Stone Co., Ltd. is located in Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, established in 2016, is a collection of stone mining, processing, sales in one of the stone products manufacturers, the main products are natural granite gold jute, lotus white; All kinds of natural marble and a variety of exquisite stone carving products, mainly involved in the fields of building exterior wall dry hanging, high-end building exterior wall decoration, garden, park, square, airport and other decoration, natural landscape painting marble is widely used in interior decoration, TV background wall, porch, restaurant and a variety of background wall display. And has a professional production, processing, sales team. It also maintains long-term cooperation with large enterprises such as China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau Co., LTD., China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., LTD., China Communications Construction Second Highway Engineering Bureau and so on. Participated in a variety of large building exterior wall dry hanging, airports, museums, government centers, parks, squares, roads and high-end villas, commercial clubs, star hotels and other stone supply.

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