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New Direction for DeFi World, GDF debuts on 4th July on the Coinstar chain


The Bitcoin white paper was introduced in 2008 and the first Bitcoin was launched in 2009. After a decade of development, Bitcoin has finally harvested the consensus of tens of millions of people.And consensus is one of the most central features in the history of digital currencies, led by Bitcoin, because in the world of digital currencies, with consensus comes everything.This is further evidenced by the recent rise of the animal-based MEME token trend. And now, the new animal token GDF (Golden future) issued by Fidelity lnvestments will soon be available on the BSC Coin Smartchain.




GDF aims to connect real-world physical assets through an open DeFi ecosystem and derive multiple applications on the chain, allowing more people to share in the DeFi development dividend.GDF provides cross-chain infrastructure on top of the technology based on the CoinAchain in order to enable blockchain projects to expand their user base. Truly decentralised and truly autonomous for the community.



In terms of applications, GDF allows users to receive high value in return through a diversified ecological model supported by the DeFi protocol. GDF passwords will create a bridge from the blockchain world to the real world by empowering the DeFi space, creating the basis for more people to enjoy a fair, just and free flow of value.GDF represents not only a technological innovation, but also a technological driver for a new business model to collaborate and transform itself and the industry.GDF uses secure decentralized blockchain technology to create Tokens for the ecosystem, promote the frequency of use by users of its own ecosystem as well as third-party banks, securities, insurance and other institutions, achieve a virtuous cycle of value under the entire ecosystem based on the value of Token circulation on the platform, and drive a positive cycle of growth for GDF through liquidity mining.


Driven by the value of applications in DeFi's distributed finance and multi-domain financial scenarios, the GDF platform has issued a high-value pass-through, the GDF, based on the CoinAchain standard, with a total circulation:10 trillion pieces.GDF passes are currently 50% destroyed, of which 45% are credited to the pool and 5% GDF passes are subject to a 5% tax deduction per transfer.6% of this is automatically locked into the pool to provide liquidity and a further 3% is automatically allocated to all coin holding addresses in real time.




In terms of technical features, GDF passes have all the advantages of Bitcoin, such as decentralisation, borderlessness, security, anonymity, convenience, value, etc. In addition to these benefits, new ones have been added and enhanced.  For example, automatic extreme deflation, algorithm upgrades, automatic dividends for coin holdings, fast implementation of applications, and completely driven by community autonomy. Through the deflation mechanism the future will reach a value similar to gold, 1GDF = 1 gram of gold.                             

DeFi brings us endless imagination, we have to pay more attention to the development of the DeFi field and believe that GDF will definitely create a heavyweight platform.In the future, GDF will be available on platforms such as Firechain, Etherchain, Hobbit, Matcha, Firecoin, Coinan and various mining boards.


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