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System composition and working principle of thermal imaging night vision.


The thermal imaging system of an thermal imaging night vision is composed of an optical system, spectral filtering, input circuit, infrared detector array, readout circuit, video image processing, monitor, video signal formation, timing pulse synchronization control circuit, etc.

thermal imaging night vision

The working principle of the thermal imaging system of the thermal imaging night vision is that the optical system receives the infrared radiation of the target under test, and then reflects the energy distribution pattern of the infrared radiation on the photosensitive elements of the infrared detector array in the focal plane through spectral filtering. The detector converts the infrared radiant energy into an electrical signal, and the required amplified signal is output by the input circuit of the detector bias and preamplification, and injected into the readout circuit, which facilitates multiplex transmission. The high-density, multi-functional CMOS can perform the signal integration, transmission, processing and scanning output of the dense array and area infrared focal plane array through the readout circuit of the multiplexer, and can perform A/D conversion to send Enter the computer for video image processing.

Because the infrared radiation thermal image distribution signal of each part of the measured target object is very weak, lacking the level and three-dimensional effect of the visible light image, some processing such as image brightness and contrast control, actual correction and false color rendering are required. The processed signal will be sent to the video signal to form part of the D/A conversion and form a standard video signal. Finally, the infrared thermal imager will display the thermal imaging night vision of the measured target on the TV screen or monitor.


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