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The World's First Decentralized Pre-Buy Mechanism A turnaround for small investors with the help of Angryb (ANB)


ANB boasts the world's first decentralized risk-free pre-buy mechanism, having the first zero-risk package to earn pre-buy mode, which is unprecedentedly initiated by the community of the coin circles. It is committed to eliminating project manipulation, and guaranteeing all operations are under the supervision of smart contracts. The pre-buy platform is audited by a third-party audit company, and more audit reports from audit companies will be published on the official website.

What is a zero-risk pre-buy package earning mode? For example, suppose the current ANB coin price is 0.1usdt a coin, you set the target price for ANB to rise to 2 times when the transaction purchase operation; that is, when the ANB coin price rises to 0.2usdt, you then buy at the price of 0.1usdt; this wave of operation down has earned 1 times the profit; if the coin price is less than 0.2usdt will not buy, the reservation of The buy-in principal 0.1usdt is also placed on the Ether contract address, which is equivalent to being inside your own pocket.

In order to let small investors around the world understand the rage coin consensus and also to give more people more opportunities to get a share of the token with a risk-free pre-buy mechanism, ANB has built a framework for a fair trading system., due to a great mechanism also requires top-notch execution. There is no way to take shortcuts to get Angryb, so everyone needs to compete together for the opportunity to buy it. To participate in the pre-buy, you need to hold at least 100 ANB, which is the basis for proving the rage consensus. ANB wants all the profits to be captured by the real small investors, so that is why it has set an extremely low threshold of 100. The extremely low threshold will certainly lead to a mad rush after the launch, please buy ANB from Uniswap in advance so as not to miss the first time to participate in the zero-risk pre-buy package to earn.

According to the contract, each person's wallet address can only participate in one pre-buy transaction per day, each address will be randomly assigned to buy transaction credentials every day, there are transaction credentials to participate in the purchase, the purchase limit is 10 times the current wallet balance, assuming that your address successfully obtains the purchase credentials, the number of ANB on the address is 1,000, then you can pre-buy up to 10,000 ANB at one time that day. In order to reach a larger number of ANB community advocator, the pre-purchase limit is 10 million pieces per address, that means, if you hold more than 1 million ANB addresses, the default is calculated according to holding 1 million pieces.

According to the development process announced by the project, before the pre-buy function will be open on the 0 clocks of July 27, 2021 UTC +0, after the purchase of pre-buy orders generated, the first time to complete the order time need to wait for the community vote to confirm, the order is expected to be completed within 7 days / 15 days / 20 days. However, it seems that even with the lack of pre-buy function, rage coin (ANB) still has the ability to surge up a hundred times. Wait and see friends. Dont sleep on this lifetime opportunity to make money. If you do not be aggressive to buy, you may regret it for the rest of your life.

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