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Living Food Diet and GP Juicer is Sweeping the Country,


Recently, as people spend more and more time at home, the conditioning of sub-healthy body has become a compulsory course for many people. living food diet has become the best way to meet such conditioning needs of people. (such as weight loss, fast diet, constipation, insomnia)

What is living food diet?

living food diet is a way of eating combining "raw" and "organic" food. "Raw food" refers to food that can be eaten raw without being heated; "organic food" refers to natural and organic food grown without using pesticides and fertilizers. living food diet is a healthy and natural way of eating.

living food diet maximizes the proportion of raw fruits and vegetables in a day’s diet, because living food retains the largest amount of nutrients in fruits and vegetables including vitamins, minerals, enzymes and various plant biochemicals. Enzymes are conductive to digestion, absorption and utilization of food, energy conversion, enhancement of metabolism, anti-oxidation, enhancement and regulation of auto-immunity, and irreplaceable effects such as disease prevention and anti-cancer.

The GP (Giant Power) juicer specially developed for living food diet has become a new favorite.

Why is it that only the fruit and vegetable juice ground in this way can nurture the body and exert the effects of the living food diet?

Because: GP (Giant Power) fruit and vegetable feeding extraction machine has innovated a number of technologies.

The low-speed induction movement operates in only 2800 revolutions per minute, a low-speed grinding that can ensure the ground fruit and vegetable juice is below 33°C. (Note: When the temperature of the fruit and vegetable juice is over 35, nearly 80% of the nutrients in it will be destroyed)

The patented knife plate can simultaneously extract both the core and the pericarp with no cutting or peeling involved, so that the juice yield is increased by over 30%. (Note: The pericarp contains 70% of the nutrients, while the pulp only contains 30%)

The fruit and vegetable juice ground in this way can fully retain the active vitamins, enzymes, minerals and trace elements of the fruits and vegetables, so that the nutrient extraction is more complete, which helps the body fully absorb those nutrients.

The living food diet is a niche concept, and because of its excellent effects, it breaks the circle and becomes a popular way of diet.

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