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Tosca: defining a stylish lifestyle in a metaverse world


Nowadays, virtual reality, AI technology and other technologies are exploding and this is changing fashion at an unprecedented rate. Tosca is one of these outstanding projects, not only innovating the lifestyle of fashion, but also defining the future of fashionable living.

Tosca starts Tosca Musk's journey to follow his dream

Tosca is the first multi-dimensional meta-universe super-ecological application layer protocol system based on blockchain cryptography, brought together the multi-dimensional worlds of fashion, chain tourism, art, social media, and public chains, NFT, and meta-universe, initiated by Tosca Musk, Elon Musk's sister, who led the initiative.

In addition to being the sister of Elon Musk, the world's leading entrepreneur, Tosca Musk's particularly notable achievement is as a successful director and producer and co-founder and CEO of Passionflix, a love film and television streaming platform that has produced more than 30 films since 2001.

Tosca Musk wants to use Tosca as a platform to promote fashion and lifestyle, attracting people from all over the world who have a passion for fashion and lifestyle, a love for cinema and influencers to join, and through Tosca to integrate e-commerce, metaverse, fashion, art, cinema, investment and life, thus forming a unique circle based on a certain interest or a certain kol These circles can also attract each other and expand their influence, creating a unique Tosca utopia as the group continues to grow.

Tosca, a blockchain ecosystem pivot point and aggregator

Drawing on his excellent global resources in fashion, film and television, and entrepreneurship, Tosca Musk has been able to bring the future of fashion to life in front of global users and fashion lovers through cross-border cooperation and through encryption technologies such as the blockchain metaverse, which also allows young users pursuing personalisation and diversity to have an increasingly rich range of fashion products and a more diverse selection of metaverse ecological products.

Major advances in Tosca technology have been driving major developments in Tosca's eco-culture, particularly in the areas of e-commerce, metaverse, fashion, art, film, investment and more. We are currently at an extraordinary pivot point where many technologies and platforms are coming together to create something new, extraordinary and game-changing. Sitting at the crossroads of these great opportunities, Tosca has a clear and innovative vision of how the future will unfold.

Tosca, helping to improve film production

Tosca Musk, a brilliant director and producer, hopes that Tosca's ecology and metaverse-based technology will change the way traditional films are produced and distributed, and that the general public will be able to be part of the next Hollywood blockbuster. When you have Tosca, you enter the magical world of cinema and become deeply involved in the making of films and more!

Tosca Musk's team members and advisors have produced over 1,000 films, including Academy Award and Emmy-winning films and many Pepsi hits. Tosca Musk will be the leader in bringing together Hollywood's world-class film resources to lead investors to a privileged life and create a new model of profitability in the Hollywood film kingdom. By realising everyone's dreams through cinema and giving each investor in the project an exclusive life of wealth and enjoyment, Tosca will be the leader in leading the global film industry in the Hollywood film kingdom and creating the value of business transactions.

Ecological prosperity, unlimited future

Tosca's ecological prosperity and future prospects are unlimited. In the film and television industry Tosca will invest significant resources in fostering Tosca users to participate in the art of film and television and provide a complete growth path. In terms of investment income, Tosca itself is an income aggregator that automatically selects the highest income available, siphoning off the value of each DeFi product, with the goal of maximising the return on holdings in a lossless way. At the same time, Tosca will create the world's number one fashion business ecosystem, creating the Tosca Platinum Club. It will allow members to acquire spiritual belonging, a goldmine of business contacts at the lowest cost of trust, lifelong growth and business value.

In the upcoming metaverse world, Tosca is bringing us a huge change in "blockchain + art and fashion" innovation, promoting the return of fashion lifestyle to the masses, changing people's previous social, fashion life, leisure and entertainment, culture and art, trading and other activities, and re-establishing the Tosca industry chain as the main lifestyle, giving rise to a digital revolution in the field of fashion and metaverse. 

Congratulations to Tosca who will go live on the PancakeSwap exchange on 22 January 2022 at 24:00 US time; 23:00 China BST 

Tosca contract address : 0xE9dd0976D77ad552430F0da5111ed39DaA5d8970

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